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Indus Channel Letters
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Indus Channel Letters


Are you looking for a reliable way to promote your business but would like to be flexible regarding your intended application? Then, consider getting personalized channel letters for your business. Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Channel letters offer users a flexible option to promote their brand without using an intricate or advanced sign. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, channel letters can be designed to suit your branding and achieve the same results as you would get with advanced business signs.

At Calgary Signs & Wraps, we create Indus channel letters that match our client’s branding and increase their chance of building the correct impressions to bring in traffic. We take our time to get to know our clients to deliver the perfect channel or dimensional letters for them, and we make the process stress-free as we do everything in-house. Our company is also proud to offer our neon and halo-lit channel letters if you want to boost your marketing strategy without spending a lot.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter Sign

Many businesses often prefer channel letters to serve as their storefront signs. There are many reasons why they prefer channel letters over other types of business signs, but the most notable is that they give the storefront a clean look. It also works best with lighting, making the signs visible at night.

When you request your personalized Indus channel letters at Calgary Signs & Wraps, you don’t need to worry about them, as we can customize them to suit your targets and branding. Let us know your preferences for your request and your location, and we’ll match it with the suitable material, sign size, colors, and other specifications to make it stand out.

We will also visit your location to determine how to install your channel letters best. Our team can do two popular installation options for your signs: raceway installation and direct installation. A raceway installation will use a secure structure to hold the letters together before attaching them to the wall. Meanwhile, a direct installation means each channel letter will be installed directly on the wall. Our installers will also handle the electrical installation for your channel letters’ lighting so you can use the signs when the lighting is on.

Any business from any industry can use channel letters as storefront letters. It is straightforward to customize it to the business’ brand and make an impact on its target audience.

Channel Letter Signs are most famous for retail stores, office buildings, grocery stores, malls, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, schools, churches, and other organizations.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Although many people confuse dimensional letters with channel letters because of their looks, both are different, especially considering how they are made and modified.

For channel letters, each letter is made one by one from the client’s chosen material and often comes with hollow interiors for lighting and opacity. Dimensional letters are made from one piece of material such as metal, acrylic, steel, and other similar materials. The letters, shapes, and symbols are etched in these materials based on their users’ opacity and other design preferences. Lighting will be added later on through backlighting or external light.

Thanks to its unique construction and look, any business can use dimensional letters for indoor and outdoor applications. It can also blend well with the facade of any building, thanks to the materials that can be used to create it.

These signs are ideal for restaurants, retail stores, offices, malls, and manufacturing and are an excellent option for indoor or lobby signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

Channel and dimensional letters are already unique thanks to their design and appearance. However, like other signs, it will not be effective in appealing to your target audience if it is not visible at night or during harsh weather conditions.

Fortunately, you can get your channel or dimensional letters illuminated with the help of Calgary Signs & Wraps! When you request our services, we will recommend lighting options for your channel or dimensional letters while considering your budget and location. Some lighting options for your request include halo lighting, backlighting, open lighting, and front lighting. We use LED lights for these lighting options because they are proven to have the same lighting impact as traditional lights while only requiring a small amount of electricity to keep them on.

Considering backlit and illuminated channels or dimensional signs is highly recommended if your business has late-night or evening operations. Some examples of these businesses include restaurants, theaters, bars, clubs, hotels and gas stations. If you have the budget to run these lighted signs 24/7, we can look into the best lighting options for your needs and install them with your channel or dimensional letters.

Lighted signs are ideal for nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, convenience stores, and gas stations. Still, they can work well for any business that wants to set itself apart.

Neon and Halo-Lit Channel Letter

Are you looking for iconic channels or dimensional letters that will wow your audience? You may want to consider neon signs and halo-lit signs!

Neon signs are the most iconic business signs to be created thanks to their distinctly bright colors and unique design. Meanwhile, Halo-lit signs are illuminated letters made from powder-coated steel or aluminum and have internal lighting that creates a halo around the pieces when turned on. Unfortunately, getting either is tricky as you need skilled artisans to create these pieces, especially neon signs.

At our Indus, CA, sign company, you don’t need to worry if you want neon signs or halo-lit channel letters for your business. We have great craftsmen who will work alongside our graphic designers to create your ideal neon or halo-lit channel letter. They will ensure that the sign comes out as you imagined and sort out the electrical components so you can use them safely. For neon signs, you can contact us to help you maintain the neon lights used for them.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

With the tough competition in today’s economy, you will need the right tools to help you stand out from the rest.

With our personalized and tailor-made Indus channel letters, you know your brand is represented perfectly by these signs, which will help change the game for your marketing strategy. It will also help you create the right image to make your brand more memorable to a larger audience. Learn more about our signage service today and see how our experts will redefine your ideas into beautiful, effective signs.

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